One comment on “Stop and Stare

  1. Chris below is a paper written by one of my students and is currently hanging on her classroom wall…

    “Over the summer I went to a summer camp to Prescott Pines with my church. A couple other churches were also there. We played games, went in the pool, and went on the zipline and played with other campers. It was very fun. During chapel time one night the guest speaker really changed some peoples lives forever. He asked us to stand up if we wanted to really become a Christian and go to heaven when we die. About 15 people stood up. I was one of them! I am positive God was speaking through Chris (the guest speaker) that night. After that night I was also positive I am going to heaven. Thanks you God!

    We all deal with insecurity in our own lives. The cool thing is as long as we obey God He is faithful no matter are weaknesses. So my encouraging word would be “obey” regardless of any insecurities. It makes sense for you to write a book… keep on it. It makes sense for you to feel the way you do… press through it. Lives are different because your life is different. I was sitting at lunch yesterday with Daren McWaters and he said you know you would think Chris would be a niche speaker but he’s not. I wish he did not have to address his physical appearance and could just get on with his solid teaching. In a sense Daren is right on saying to all of us to get over our selves and go on living a solid life for Christ. Love you Bro. Mike

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