2 comments on “Cinder Blocks

  1. Chris,
    Still loving your writing and the series. Keep it up!

    I also wanted to pass on an idea to you since we speak about this every once and awhile. I know it takes you a good few hours to write something you’re pleased with. It reminds me of a photographer I once heard about. He was always such a perfectionist. It killed him.

    So he devised a plan. He would take a photo a day, but only one. One photo to capture every day. He couldn’t practice to get it right: he only got the one. It forced him, at first, to be more picky, more anal, more particular. Then, after months, he relaxed. The simplicity of the exercise took over and he found freedom, creativity, power in singularity. It became art.

    I mention this to you as I’ve made a new commitment to write a simple daily observation 3-5 times a week. I’m just starting. A few I’ve written and kept “private” as I don’t feel they’re ready to be shared, but the act of writing something simple and small each day has been fun.

    Just an idea. 🙂

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