5 comments on “Post-It Notes

  1. Still loving the blog!

    Chris, you do such a wonderful job in painting a scene with words. If you’re ever interested in reading good descriptive writing like this you need to check out Steinbeck, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Or, for a shorter example, start checking RH Blyth’s seasonal volumes of Haiku—They’re some of my favorite writings EVER.

    Keep it up!!

  2. Chris,
    I lived this story with you. After all these years I still cry when I read it. Hasn’t our GOD remained FAITHFUL !! Keep writing ,others will always be encouraged.

  3. This was more than touching and inspiring-in ran through my heart straight through my soul….telling me Jesus is on the watch for so many! That He brings so many to right place, right time. I was brought to Cornerstone-never knowing a thing about Jesus-having just had my first brain surgery, beaten by ex, OD’ing and seizures out of control…He walked me thru it all…He heard my whisper to Him they day I should have died-and He gave me more time. I kept growing closer-and still do-and He has walked by my side with every medical condition-guiding the right people at the perfect time! Allowing me to help others looking for Him and brain surgery…OD’ing issues…and now, I am faced with odd muscle issues-we are praying down a line of illnesses it won’t be-that it is some just all my meds attacking me-so hard to function-and look at who I run into on twitter per I wonderful Worship leader Brian Wurzell! I praise God for your strength and knowing He is there-allowing others to help you-in the pit doom of it all…Jesus wants us to know that is how it should be-makes our hearts grow for Him-and for others of all kind here on earth-no matter what their issue or hold back is…to Him, there is no hold back…from His love to you-and your love available for Him and others in His faith! Praise Him! Had I not had all I have-I would never have found Him-and today be so close…God bless you in your journey…may it grow stronger with His love thru your faith-and He either choose to heal you here-or keep using you to talk to others about faith NO MATTER what the circumstance-He will HEAL YOU IN HEAVEN!
    Amazed and in awe! Keep it up!
    In His Grip,
    Heather Siebens (http://twitter.com/hetty4christ)

  4. Chris, this is so painful yet so filled with essence of who God calls us to be. Both for the giver and the receiver. Beautiful writing. It is my favorite so far.

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